Have Fun in Your Garden

Looking for a bit more gardening help? Our gardening information articles can help you to find the right tools, the right soil, the right plants.

Gardening Pleasures

Gardening can indeed be a great pleasure and one that can last a lifetime.  Whether you are a long-term, very knowledgeable gardener or just beginning, there are things we all need to know. What we have in mind with this website is to bring you up-to-the-minute, as well as tried and tested, information on products, techniques, processes and tips that will make gardening easier and more fun.

We all need to start with the basics of gardening tool selection. Getting brand name tools like Wolf or Spears & Jackson will ensure they last for years.  Some of the smaller hand tools don’t need to be of such high quality but if anybody asks what you want for a birthday or Christmas gift, suggest one of the tools you really want.

Gardening supplies
is another area where you can spend a lot of money.  But before you spend any money, read some of the articles on this website and get the right information so you can make the decision on what type of gardening you really want to do – organic, hydroponic, fruit and vegetable, container, or maybe even greenhouse gardening. Then go out and buy what you need and as much as possible, buy quality.  It may cost a bit more to start with but it saves you money in the long run.

Greenhouse and hydroponic gardening are both quite different from the basic in-the-ground gardening.  Both require a capital outlay but once you have the equipment and/or the greenhouse, you can get started.


Greenhouses are great for growing dwarf fruit or ornamental trees, starting your plants from seed and growing them on for planting out in your flower beds or vegetable plot.  You can grow
herbs for use all year round, unusual specimen plants, maybe even a carnivorous one or two!  Greenhouses come in kit form, made of metal, polycarbonate and plastic; they even come as wooden sheds.  They, and the accessories, you’ll need can all be purchased from suppliers online.  No matter if you invest in one that is a commercial size or a mini, lean-to, greenhouse gardening is a hobby you’re bound to enjoy for years to come.

Hydroponic gardening
is a very interesting system that can be set up indoors or in a greenhouse.  It is soil-less, and instead, uses a nutrient–rich water solution to provide plants with everything they need.  Information and tips on hydroponic gardening can be found on this website plus on other gardeners’ blogs and of course from good garden centres all over the country.

One thing every garden or backyard should have is a compost bin or heap.  Composting  is nature’s way of dealing with all the waste from both the garden and the kitchen.  Learn the  fundamentals and soon you’ll be able to take the food and other domestic waste like paper that you’d normally put in the bin for the council to take away and make it into the stuff that will
feed and condition your soil. It’s good for the environment and it’s free!

Once you’ve decided on the type of gardening you’ll do, got the gardening tools and supplies, the seeds and plants, grown the vegetables and flowers, maybe on raised beds organically, you’re ready to harvest your crops.  You’ll have another decision to make here – take your crops to market or preserve them – freeze, can, dry or store the food for some time when you want a taste of summer.

Think of all the possibilities for and from your garden!  Join the adventure.